Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I have to bring a partner?  No. Usually in Scottish country dancing most dancers take a different partner each dance. This adds to the social nature of the dancing, and means that you get an opportunity to meet and dance with lots of different people. And ladies can ask men to dance as well!
  2. Do I have to wear special clothes?  Not at all. Nothing special needed. Come in whatever you feel comfortable wearing. Men with kilts may choose to wear them for dancing, but it is definitely not essential. After a few dance evenings, most people decide to buy a pair of dancing shoes, but for beginners no need.
  3. Where can I learn to dance? The Abingdon club welcomes beginners and offers teaching to help master this fascinating dance form.  For dancers wishing to dance more than once per week there are other clubs in the area. For example there is an Oxfordshire Branch of Royal Scottish Country Dance Society that meets in Oxford on Thursdays.
  4. Is there an age limit?  So long as you are willing to have a good time, there is no restriction on age. The Abingdon club has members who won’t see seventy again and much younger dancers, all of whom enjoy Scottish country dancing in their own way.

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