Abingdon & Harwell Ball, 7th Dec 2019

Abingdon and Harwell Ball 2019

Old Mill Hall, School Lane, Grove, OX12 7LB

  Dancing to Craigellachie

Tickets  £20 include Supper

 Dances marked * will be walked through

  1. Mrs Stewart’s Jig  J8x32
  2. Lochalsh Reel     R8x40
  3. Garry Strathspey S4x32
  4. Midnight Oil        J5x48*
  5. Bouncing Braids  R8x32
  6. Wells House   S8x32
  7. McLeod’s Fancy  J4x32
  8. Nottingham Lace R1x96*
  9. Bruce’s Men S3x32
  10. The Zoologist      J8x32
  11. Ramadance        R8x32
  12. The Sailor       R8x32
  13. The Raven’s Dance   J8x32
  14. Hillcrest’s Ruby Gem  S4x32*
  15. Shiftin’ Bobbins     R8x32
  16. The Wee Cooper O’Fife J8x40
  17. Midsummer Common     S8x32
  18. The Recumbent Stone    R5x48*
  19. Jennifer’s Jig      J8x32
  20. City of Belfast    S3x32
  21. J. B. Milne            R8x32

22  Ian Powrie’s Farewell to Auchterarder J1x128

For tickets or more information contact Angela McCleery 01235 521494

Or email the treasurer, Janet Cuthill: janet.cuthill@gmail.com

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